Marketing Resolutions: Hold your horses!

The start of a new year often sends people into a frenzy of accomplishing a slew of goals and resolutions. The same often goes for companies at the start of a new quarter. From a total refresh of the brand to more “simple” marketing initiatives, companies often set numerous goals for their marketing efforts that they want to achieve sooner than later. While productivity and moving forward are great things, trying to do everything at one time can end up being counterproductive if you’re not careful. Here are a few things to consider before diving headfirst into changes in your marketing.

Why are you doing what you are doing?
So you have your goals and your strategy all set. Make sure you know why you’ve planned the changes/updates that you have in mind for your marketing. It’s important to be sure you and the rest of your team are aware of what the light at the end of the tunnel is for your brand. This will help to put things in perspective as you set out to tackle your goals.

What are your priorities?
There may be ten things that you want to accomplish in a year; however, in reality only three of them may be able to be done and done well. Figure out what your priorities are. This way you can give those things the attention and resources that they need to be done well. The other things don’t have to be put on hold completely, but they shouldn’t be tackled as aggressively as your main priorities.  This will also help you establish the look/feel/tone for your most important projects so that your smaller projects can follow suit. It will also help avoid total confusion from your team about what the REAL priority is. Just remember, if you overbook, you’ll never be able to fully commit and execute to the best of your ability.

What do you have resources for?
Take a good look at your manpower, your financial situation and any other resources that you may need to accomplish your marketing goals. Maybe something that you thought was a priority isn’t financially feasible. Before you go for broke, analyze your entire situation to be sure you are making the best decisions for your company. Perhaps you can push that more expensive goal back and instead work towards accomplishing three more affordable ones.

What makes the most sense?
Maybe this new initiative is cool, but doesn’t necessarily make sense for your brand at that moment, or maybe it doesn’t make sense at all. Look at your goals and determine what makes the most sense, that way you don’t mistakenly put off another priority or waste resources.

What is your strategy?
How exactly do you plan to institute your new initiatives? What is your timeline and how will you handle transitional phases? These are important things to consider. For example, if you will be getting a new logo, what promotional pieces will you update first? If you have labels, when will you be due to print your next run? Will the new logo be ready by then? If labels still have old logos, will other direct product-related items continue to carry the old logo until the new logo is used?

Is everyone in the know?
Are all of your team members aware of your company’s goals and the ones that are being prioritized? Will these new goals dictate changes in individuals’ workload or in the focus of their day-to-day? Make sure everyone knows the overall goals, the why, the priorities, the resources that each is to be allocated, and the method in which these new initiatives will be realized in the company. This is absolutely crucial for consistency and for a true company-wide effort to push your brand forward.

Everyone gets excited about achieving new goals and beginning new initiatives; however, make sure you think things through thoroughly to avoid as many fires as possible and to create as seamless an experience as possible for your end-user.

Do you have goals for the new year or the new fiscal year? How do you approach tackling them? Please share in the comments!

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