Hello! I’m Archele, a Gen-Y member who is thoroughly interested in marketing, branding, media and communications. I am eager to soak up all of the information that I can to supplement my existing education and experience in these realms. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for me is to start up a marketing/branding consultation firm. RedGal’s is a space for me to reflect and comment on all things that fall in the aforementioned categories that interest me. I am full of ideas and would be interested on getting a jumpstart on consulting with any small biz owner who needs help building their brand (just shoot me an email at: redgal.email@gmail.com)

So, why the name? My grandmother was an amazing woman and she had red undertones in her skin; consequently, she was given the nickname “Red Gal.” Not only was she an amazing woman with beautiful skin, but she was also one of the first people who I remember being proud of me – whether it was for good grades or for making her a handmade card. While talking with my mother and aunts about my grandmother, my Aunt Phillis said, “Mama was an entrepreneur. I never thought of it like that, because we didn’t know that word growing up. But she was.” That stuck with me. And so I use “RedGal’s” as a way to pay homage to my grandmother, and to express hope that I will be half as fruitful in my life as she was in hers.

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