Not your ordinary print ad

The future of print ads is upon us and the folks at Lexus are helping to lead the way. Their new, interactive print ad, which uses their new CinePrint technology, is sure to get a LOT of oohs and ahhs – at least from people who have iPads. Check it out.

I think the ad is a good attempt to integrate digital with print, and I think it does offer a wow factor that might start a couple of conversations. I also think it provides incentive to drive people online, given that it only has its interactive element when an iPad showing Sports Illustrated or the Lexus site is placed behind the page. Sure the ad only works with an iPad, but I’m sure demographic data about the audience of Sports Illustrated confirmed that a large portion of subscribers have or can afford to have an iPad, which would allow them to get the whole effect of the piece (hence the presence of a Lexus ad). Furthermore, the ad’s almost-hidden “dual functionality” fits nicely with Lexus’ tag for the introduction of the car: “Introducing a Reason to Look Twice. The Entirely New Lexus ES and ESh.”

All in all, I think it’s cool and I’m down for any attempt to show attention to and revive print media in a way that makes sense.

What do you think of the ad?

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