6 parallels between dating and marketing

Marketing should be approached like dating is generally approached. Check out some parallels that I think can be drawn between the two.

Image via “Life of a Thirty Something”


In the dating world
A female doesn’t want to be considered a chick who will be sought after to close the deal. A female wants to be considered and treated like an intelligent woman who is worthy of transparent, honest, sincere conversation and wooing. Her interest must be piqued and a ton of work must be put worth before closing the deal should even be a thought.

In the marketing world
Today, consumers don’t want to be considered [potential] customers who are sought after just for their money. Consumers are smarter and they care more about how they spend their money. Consumers want to be treated like people – people worthy of transparent, honest and sincere communication. Their interest must be piqued, and an effort must really be put forth to close deal and get the consumer to spend his or her money.


In the dating world
So you’ve closed the deal for the first time and you don’t call the next day. There’s a pretty good chance that you made him/her feel used and if you don’t ever call, then there’s a pretty good chance you’ll leave a bad taste in his/her mouth and you’ll just be a mistake of the past.

In the marketing world
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is important. Following up with consumers who make purchases or have experiences with your brand is crucial. You need to let them know that you appreciate their purchase and their time, and that it was more than you just taking their money and then losing all interest.


In the dating world
Spending quality time matters. Life may be busy for the both of you, so every chance you get to spend one-on-one time, you should try your best to make it a positive, memorable experience. After all, relationships are all about the interactions that you have, how those interactions change your life and the emotions that those interactions evoke.

In the marketing world
Always, always, always – quality over quantity. You want to be the first brand that a consumer recalls of when thinking about your category; however, rather than bombarding them with half-stepped marketing attempts, you just need to try your hardest to make sure that every experience that a consumer has with your brand is positive and memorable, and hopefully, leaves them wanting more.


In the dating world
People seek potential partners who will grow them and complement them. You may have the looks or the sense of humor, but how will you make their life better? They don’t want to waste time on a person if there is likely to be nothing positive in the deal for them.

In the marketing world
Fluff is nice. But if the fluff isn’t letting the consumer know what the benefit of your product or service is, then it’s likely that they may not take it seriously. Let consumers know what problem your product or service will solve in their lives.


In the dating world
Until you’ve won each other over completely and made a commitment, you’ll always have to worry about him or her getting swept away by somebody else. If you want him or her to only have eyes for you, you need to put in the work and make them feel loved and appreciated enough so that they don’t want to even consider others. You want them to trust you and you want them to be loyal.

In the marketing world
Competition can be brutal. Everyone wants to dominate the market. This is why it’s so important to try to create brand advocates – people who are dedicated to your brand and will spread the word about how great it is and who wouldn’t think of switching over to the competitor. Identify your potential brand advocates and be sincerely grateful for their enthusiasm about your product/service. Reward them for their dedication and keep them engaged so that they STAY brand advocates.


In the dating world
There are just some instances where one or maybe both adults are not looking for anything serious. They are looking for something very specific which doesn’t necessarily involve a relationship. If you want to be the one to satisfy that want/need, then the only thing you can do is make your time shared is so memorable that they automatically seek you out to satisfy their want/need.

In the marketing world
There are some products and services that people will always need, but that they don’t necessarily put too much thought into. Even if you sell fly swatters, you may not have to spend millions on advertising, but you still need to do what you can to make the consumer automatically reach for your fly swatter. Whether it’s something as basic as product placement, you need to do what you can to make the consumer automatically turn to your brand to satisfy their most basic wants/needs.

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  1. Another facet in the relationship/marketing realm is the “progression” factor. Any relationship worthwhile will progress, emotionally and elsewhere. Effective marketing changes with the wants and needs of the times and is a sign that you’re attentive and enjoying the work you are doing. Without progression, the relationship becomes stale and you begin to lose interest. Keep track of what has mass appeal outside of your endeavor or come up with a fresh, exciting idea that will be appealing to that specific person/business. The latter being a sign that you know the person/business well enough to cater to their needs personally.

    • Absolutely, Brian! You make a great point! Just like partners in relationships have to adapt to the growth/changes of each other, marketers need to adapt to the changes in their consumers’ lives. Thanks for reading and providing that great insight!

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