Is your marketing season-appropriate?

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Autumn is just around the corner and companies are gearing up to implement their fall strategy – but what does that strategy entail? It shouldn’t be just a switch to warmer color tones. I think most larger companies get how to adjust their strategy from season to season, but it may be something that startups and smaller companies don’t realize the importance of.

Changing your strategy from season to season means changing your messaging. Consumers’ way of thinking change from season to season, and that is completely understandable since we as people are presented with different issues and concerns from month to month. And that’s what you and your brand or product is here for – to solve a problem for the consumer.

When planning your strategy for fall months (or any season, since your fall plan should’ve been done at the beginning of summer), ask yourself, “How is John Smith’s behavior going to change during the fall from what it was during the summer?” A big part of catering to your target audience is anticipating their needs, factors that may change those needs and what their needs will become. Once you understand this, you’ll have a better understanding of what it is that you should be saying to your audience.

Use your new understanding of your consumers’ needs in the new season to drive your marketing strategy (which includes content, social media, PR, advertising, etc. etc). Figure out how you can clearly and effectively communicate the benefits that your product or service offers during that particular timeframe, without straying from the brand’s identity. This type of season-relevant, benefit-driven messaging strategy paired with tasteful, season-driven graphic and merchandising updates should help prepare your brand for a successful season.

How does your marketing change from season to season?

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