Are people just scrolling over your social media content?

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So you’ve got the message, social media is important, and if you aren’t tweeting, posting, pinning, blogging, etc, then you may very well be failing your brand. With so much hype around the importance of social media, it’s easy to be an eager beaver and dive right in without stopping to think about what you’re actually doing. Consider the following when reviewing your social media practices.

1. What benefit does it serve the reader/engager? Is your social media content serving a purpose? Remember quality over quantity! Don’t put stuff out there just for the sake of doing it! This is something that is crucial to go over with your social media team/department if you have one. Don’t just tell your team that they need to post twice a day and tweet five times a day and leave it at that. True, your content needs to be consistent, but it needs to be appealing and relevant, too. Consider some questions.

  • Will it teach my audience something new?
  • Will it be a helpful reminder?
  • Will it save my audience money?
  • Will it make my audience laugh?
  • Will it make my audience think?
  • Will it provide something that my audience has been asking for? Or something they’d appreciate?
  • Will it solve a problem?
  • Will it shed light on something else that will teach, remind, entertain, etc, etc.
  • Is it a means to an end? (teasers, part of a larger campaign goal, etc)

2.    Will the reader/engager understand it?
People spend their entire day working and thinking, your social media content should not present them with yet another “task” that the have to figure out.

3.    Are the cows coming home?
Are you saying something that you’ve said over and over and over and over and…? Well, you get the point. I know, you have a story to tell and you have messages to convey, but are you presenting those stories and messages the exact same way or are you keeping them new and interesting? Are you translating those messages in different terms that your consumer will not only find new and interesting, but also in a way that they will be able to understand and relate to?

4.    Does it make sense for your brand?
I know, social media is supposed to be the “hip” new thing and so you want to make sure that your content matches the channel. Don’t get me wrong, this is important; however, it is important to find a balance between making sure your content is relevant to the channel it’s presented through and SIMULTANEOUSLY relevant to your brand and what people expect from it. Sure, everyone loves a little shock value every now and then, but don’t reach too far. Be able to reel things in to a common factor that makes sense.

5.    Don’t sign up if you don’t qualify
There are social media networks popping up left and right, and these new ‘next-big-things’ are accompanied by articles and blog posts about why you should be using them all. Maybe you have a brand that should, in fact, be represented on all of these sites – but maybe you don’t. Think about whether or not a presence on a specific site makes sense for your brand and what you offer before signing up and devoting the manpower and money.

6.    Is it a repost, retweet, share, or quote – again?
It’s definitely okay to repost, retweet, share, quote, etc. But make sure that’s not all you’re doing. You have to provide some original content.

7.    Are you begging?
If you are, stop it. Please. No, seriously. We all want followers. We do, I do, too. But begging people to share your content all day, everyday is just not okay. It’s okay to encourage people to share your content every now and then, but when you start to sound like a broken record, your brand can come off as a little desperate. Do you want a larger following? Ok, well, what’s your incentive? Are you running a contest? Are you pushing out content that deserves a larger following? Remember, patience is important. If your content is good, keep putting it out there and be patient. People will catch on.



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  1. Good suggestions here. Mine’s tricky because I’m selling a product designed to help customers self-promote and yet I have to be careful not to overdue it on the self-promotion.

  2. Thank you for reading! Ahh, I see how that can be tricky. However, as long as your content is clear, relevant and interesting, I’m sure you’ll be able to make it work.

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