What’s your cause?

Whatever you’re trying to do in life, professionally or personally, I think that one thing that you should always consider is how you’re going to make a difference and what you’re going to do to make the lives of other people better. It can be related to your profession or maybe it can be related to something that’s affected you personally. Whatever the case, you need to have a cause.

This is especially true for companies and brands (and don’t forget celebrities are brands, too). In fact, legend Harry Belafonte just publicly criticized power couple, Jay Z and Beyonce’ for a lack of social responsibility. Whether or not I agree with him is neither here, nor there. The point is that people pay attention to what companies are doing to give back. Sometimes companies start out with their own initiatives, and sometimes, something in society will happen that will spark a movement and a company can choose whether or not to take part.

A great example of a such societal happenings happened very recently, when 16-year old Matthew Walzer, who suffers from cerebral palsy, wrote an open letter to Mark Parker, CEO of Nike. The letter asked for Nike to consider making a shoe that would be easier to wear for those who are unable to lace their own shoe laces, which is a problem for many people with cerebral palsy.

After reading the letter, Matt Halfhill of blog Nice Kicks thought of a social media campaign that would make some noise and draw attention to the letter to ensure that not only would Mark Parker be made aware of the letter, but that he would be reminded of it over and over again. For every like, share and retweet of the blog’s post or video, Nice Kicks will send a a bright, Nike-orange post card to Parker and it will be signed with the name of the person who shared it.

Nice Kicks is likely to receive a great big round of applause for doing something to get this issue some shine. The fact that the cause is relevant to their brand is great as well and puts them in a position benefit from this campaign.

Check out the #NikeLetter below and share! Kudos to Halfhill and Nice Kicks for taking this opportunity to stand up for a cause.

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