Storytelling, done right

I love it when a company takes a completely different, and a lot of times, unexpected, approach to telling their brand’s story. I think once people realize that they can simultaneously stay true to their brand’s roots and take a spin on how its story is told, something magical can happen. Case in point, Louis Vuitton.

Image via Louis Vuitton

Last month, Louis Vuitton ran a campaign that took the idea of travel and transformed it into an emotional, recognizable experience. Rather than focusing on going to a specific destination, the campaign focused on one’s journey through life and did so by highlighting world-known and celebrated Muhammad Ali. The campaign, which features original audio and newly-recorded renditions of speeches from some of Ali’s most famous moments, tells an emotional story to the consumer and sets the tone for a real connection, rather than a business-to-consumer transaction. The campaign is creative, it’s relevant and it’s tastefully done.

Louis Vuitton has kept its trend-setting, luxury appeal and introduced an emotional story that ties in popular culture references and focuses on an idea that everyone can relate to – the journey through life. This look at what Louis Vuitton has promoted for years through a different looking glass is a great example of how a brand can stay true to its roots and take a different approach to telling its story. Rapper Mos Def, agency Ogilvy Paris, and director Stuart McIntyre of Steam Films helped bring this inspiring project to life, which just so happens to be Louis Vuitton’s first film campaign.

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