Nike shows greatness in all forms

Many times, Nike ads show the intensity and dedication required to “Just Do It” by showing individuals who appear to have athleticism flowing through their veins. In this ad, Nike shows that greatness comes in all forms. This is another example of how a brand stays true to its core story, but shows it in a different light.

While Nike is not a sponsor of the Olympics this year, they managed to make themselves relevant, as Nathan Sorrell, the young man in the video, is running down a street in his hometown of London, Ohio. This adds even more meaning behind the ad, and shows how greatness can be in any form and can be found anywhere – not necessarily in the form of a teenaged or twenty-something year old Gold Medalist in London at the 2012 Olympic games, but just as well in the form of a twelve year-old, heavy-set kid running down a lone road in London, Ohio.

I think it’s absolutely amazing. This video is but a part of Nike’s #findgreatness campaign. Kudos to Wieden + Kennedy, the agency-in-charge for Nike.


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